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Kannur Insider is your guide to the paradise on earth, the northern district of Kerala, Kannur.  A comprehensive blog where people from all walks of life can share their stories about this beautiful land nestled in the lap of nature and ancient culture. So if you have a story to tell us about Kannur, we are keen to hear from you.

It can be your adventure to a tourist destination, songs of monsoon, stories about its history, culture or tradition, popular sports, traditional dance forms like Kathakali, Theyyam, Bharathnatyam, articles on prominent personalities, the fruits that grow in your backyard, spices in your kitchen, traditional Malabar dishes, Kalarippayattu and its relevance today and so much more! If you love Kannur, share your love with Kannur Insider. We will help you to share it with the world.  


Share your Kannur adventures, thoughts and stories with Kannur Insider and earn credits. We invite you to compose your amazing experiences and earn fame as well as income. Kannur Insider shares a part of their income with the story and content contributors.

Are you an adventure blogger from Kerala and like to partner with us? Or a storyteller who would like to inform and guide tourists from around the world to this beautiful place? Let’s lock each of our hands and work unitedly for mutual benefits. There are numerous techniques and ideas we can collaborate including exchanging your experience information to areas you focus on, exchange articles, etc. If you have a proposal, let us know and we will make it happen. Mail your proposal to

Desire to write for Kannur Insider? We’d love to hear from you.

We’re forever on the hunt for new and unique writers, photographers and videographers who yield passion and feeling for the world, culture, people, adventure and travel related to the world of Kannur. Here’s how to write for us:


Start by browsing over some past articles to gain a texture for the type of content we publish including the different categories we publish in.

Learn and understand what exact kind of publication we are: Anew explorer aims to present an inspiring perspective on the journey and life’s adventures that’s new, intriguing, informative, exploratory and has an added layer of depth in research and/or presentation.

Email all pitches to Kannur Insider at with the subject line “Guest Article for Kannur Insider:” followed by a brief description of your idea.

Your pitch must hold a title, story outline, description of accompanying photos/videos/multimedia components, how your story aligns with the Anew explorer brand and why you are the best person to write the piece. If you are pitching to us for the first time, please additionally include a very brief bio that outlines your relevant qualifications/expertise, links to your social media handles and links to 2-3 relevant examples of your previously published work.

We are particularly interested in strong photo and video content, stories that evoke a strong sense of place or thoughtfulness, stories that offer insider tips and useful information for how to travel to a destination, as well as a polished and distinctive writing style.


We don’t write short posts. We don’t believe they’re sufficient to convey the depth of information that our readers come to our site looking for (our readers are a bunch of nerds, just like us). So boost your post up and get wordy!

Our readers want to be introduced to you before they dive into your amazing post. So present them a little bio with some context concerning who you are! Feel free to plug your social media in here as well. You can also work this into your intro & conclusion sections.

If you list a business or attraction in your post, you have all the courtesy to include a link to their website (or a TripAdvisor review, or some other relevant link). You should be presenting plenty of relevant information to need several links! For those who are concerned that this dilutes the effectiveness of their guest post, it doesn’t: Google loves related links because it indicates that you’re serving up legitimately beneficial content – a post with a handful of links all to a single domain seems spammy and less genuinely useful.

We love when you have high-resolution edited photos. If you are inserting photos, they should match the content of the post and be visually stunning – nothing dark or grainy.

Please note that we will try to limit edits to your post as much as possible, but we reserve all the rights to make changes to fit the tone, voice, or narrative flow of your post to fit our site. Whenever possible we will ask you for edits before we make our own changes. We also reserve the rights to add or remove the affiliate links.


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